Our employees’ development is our top priority. Our HR team and managers work hard every day to give our employees all the keys to succeed and grow within the group. Some great stories have emerged over the past 20 years: for instance, offices have been created in France, Canada, Europe and Africa; staff have progressed from traineeships to consultant roles and eventually positions as associate directors; new brands have been created; and employees have transferred to other countries. There are many possibilities and we have confidence in our talented staff!

Learning culture

Since the creation of the group, the development of skills (knowledge, know-how & expertise) has been at the heart of our integration and development process. The learning culture at Fed is based on the conviction that each employee must bring about their development.

Our work is based on four key principles:

  • Wanting to learn and develop at your own pace;
  • Being inspired by your peers;
  • Having the necessary tools and resources; and
  • Having all your managers on board.

Thanks to our digital transformation, we are strengthening our learning culture and developing an environment which is conducive to learning and development.
Our training courses are varied. We use specialised external partners and have developed an in-house learning course, which supports employees throughout their development within the group.

In fact, we have mentor-facilitators in our teams (who are themselves trained in training, educational management, coaching and facilitation) who manage their operational responsibilities and their responsibilities as trainers at the same time. It is because we have people constantly exposed to the field to support our consultants that our approach works.

In this way, we have combined several learning formats: face-to-face learning in small groups with essentially practical application and peer-to-peer exchange; small group video sessions of two to three hours allowing us to meet to learn and experiment together, regardless of our geographical location; and mobile learning to reinforce preparation and anchoring of the training delivered.

Notre offre de formation est variée. Nous faisons appel à des partenaires externes spécialisés et nous avons développé un parcours d’apprentissage en interne, qui accompagne le collaborateur tout au long de son évolution au sein du Groupe.

En effet, nous avons dans nos équipes des mentors-facilitateurs (eux-mêmes formés à la formation, à l’ingénierie pédagogique, à l’accompagnement et à la facilitation) qui gèrent de front leurs responsabilités opérationnelles et leurs responsabilités de formateurs. C’est parce que nous avons des personnes en constant lien avec le terrain pour accompagner nos consultants que nous sommes pertinents dans notre approche.

Ainsi, nous avons combiné plusieurs formats d’apprentissage : en présentiel en petits groupes avec essentiellement de la mise en pratique et de l’échange entre pairs ; en visio en petits groupes et sur des séances de 2 à 3 heures nous permettant de nous réunir pour apprendre et expérimenter ensemble, peu importe notre situation géographique ; en mobile learning de façon à renforcer la préparation et l’ancrage des formations délivrées.


Because one professional experience leads to another, we have developed a culture of internal mobility. There isn’t one life at Fed but several! As such, we have employees who have moved from operational positions to business partner functions and vice versa! We believe that internal growth is our strength and this is how we have been able to contribute to the group's expansion both in France and internationally; it is thanks to our employees that we have opened our offices. Our educational background and our culture of hard work and meritocracy mean we are guided by the old adage, “The sky is the limit”!