Since 2001, as the leading independent specialist recruitment group in France, we offer our clients and candidates support and consultancy in the jobs that interest them. Each of our recruitment consultancies specialises in the activity sector to which they are recruiting. Above and beyond a thorough understanding of the most innovative research tools available, our consultants are even able to fulfil their clients' specific needs with profiles adapted to each problem.


At Fed, all our consultants are trained to identify, assess and select the applicants that best meet the needs of any given post and the specific needs of the activity sector concerned. To help you recruit the very best talents, we perform a diagnosis with the contact drawing up the recruitment specifications. The aim of this diagnosis is to jointly determine the most effective way to recruit the profiles you are seeking.


A database of qualified applicants that is updated daily

Our Salesforce CRM "ALFed, combined with HRFlow technology" enables us to provide you with the power of artificial intelligence to help you find the best profiles in our database of tens of thousands of qualified applicants as quickly as possible.

Optimal visibility for your recruitment

Your dedicated consultant uses the most high performance tools available to identify the best applicants. Your ads are published on all the most suitable jobboards. CVs are sourced via 10 external CV libraries.


The Fed method is based on an assertive positioning: a single contact and success-based remuneration. Your consultant is your dedicated contact, accompanying you in your search and meeting every single applicant they suggest for you. The objective is the success of your recruitment. No matter how much time is spent, only the result counts and we enjoy a challenge. Furthermore, we make it a point of honour to work transparently with our clients, both on deadlines and on the profiles we meet.

To work in compliance with the ethical practices of the profession, we stipulate in writing our commitments in the exercise of our profession to our clients and candidates. These commitments are brought to the attention of all Fed employees via the compulsory internal posting. In particular, all consultants sign the commitment set out in the Diversity Charter not to practice any discrimination during the selection and recruitment process (link to the Diversity Charter or paragraph on the site that refers to it).